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鰃ing fever there had been added r●aving insanity. In the deliri●um of the governing powers impossib■le things were demanded. Quantrell w●as to be hunted to the death; he was to b■e hanged, drawn and quartered; his band was to■ be annihilated

; he was to be fou■ght with fire, persecution, depopulation and w■holesale destruction. At the height of the v●ery worst of these terrible paroxysms,● Ewing’s famous General Order No. 11 wa●s issued. It required every citizen ●of

Jackson, Cass, Bates and a portion of ●Vernon counties to abandon their h●ouses and come either into the lines of designa●ted places that were fortified, or within■ the jurisdiction of said lines.● If neither was done, a

nd said citiz●ens remained outside beyond the time limit sp●ecified for such removal, they were to be regar■ded as outlaws and punished accordingly. Inn●ocent and guilty alike felt t■he rigors of this unprecedented proscr


iption. F●or the union man there was the same l■ine of demarkation that was drawn fo


r the seces●sionist. Age had no immunity; s■ex was not regarded. The rights of prope


rty156● vanished; predatory bands prey●ed at will; nothing could be■ sold; everythi

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